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Wax Melt Sampler Pack - Original Recipe - CLEARANCE

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We've changed our wax melt recipe and need to make room for new inventory.  Get all 6 of our current staple fragrances for just $20!

Fragrance Descriptions

Be Still diffuses the calming aroma of lavender, perfect for melting into relaxation mode.

He is Risen – What better reason to celebrate than the resurrection of Jesus Christ?  Notes of vanilla,
honey, and sugar blend perfectly to produce the smell of a freshly-baked cake.

Solomon’s Temple – Scripture tells us that the walls of Solomon’s temple were lined with beautiful floral arrangements.  Nobody knows what type of blooms were used but our plumeria-based
fragrance can’t be any less pleasant.

The Tax Collector – It took a lot for the apostles to come to love Matthew but the crisp, leathery, cologne-like aroma released by our fragrance, The
Tax Collector, is an instant favorite.

Messiah's Satchel is a masculine fragrance that combines subtle floral notes with the nostalgic scent of earthy wood and geranium.

Water to Wine will transform your space into a summer oasis.  This coconut/lime concoction will almost certainly remind you of your favorite beach beverage.