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Praise The Lord Candle Co

2 oz Room Sprays

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Just a couple of quick sprays and your space will go from horrendous to heavenly.  They're perfect for your bedroom, bathroom, or vehicle.

Fragrance Descriptions (click to expand)

Sunday Breakfast - If you're like us, a bowl of cereal is about the only non-confrontational breakfast to get the kids up and going for church on Sunday mornings. The aroma of Fruit Loops Cereal, or some other unhealthy sugary snack, always fills the kitchen air on Sunday mornings.

The Well is a summertime favorite that is sure to take you back to that ice cold glass of lemonade during the dog days of summer. Be refreshed at The Well.

Solomon’s Temple – Scripture tells us that the walls of Solomon’s temple were lined with beautiful floral arrangements.  Nobody knows what type of blooms were used but our plumeria-based fragrance can’t be any less pleasant.

Messiah's Satchel is a masculine fragrance that combines subtle floral notes with the nostalgic scent of earthy wood and geranium.

He is Risen – What better reason to celebrate than the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Notes of vanilla, honey, and sugar blend perfectly to produce the smell of a freshly-baked cake.

Be Still diffuses the calming aroma of lavender, perfect for melting into relaxation mode.

The Tax Collector – It took a lot for the apostles to come to love Matthew but the crisp, leathery, cologne-like aroma released by our fragrance, The Tax Collector, is an instant favorite.

Water to Wine will transform your space into a summer oasis.  This coconut/lime concoction will almost certainly remind you of your favorite beach beverage. 

Forbidden Fruit is our version of the 90's favorite, Love Spell. Be prepared for your journey back
in time!