About Us

Thank you so much for stopping by. PTLCandleCo went from hobby to small business during the COVID-19 pandemic when we were frustrated and disappointed with the changing work environment. In response to the unprecedented policies I opted to start my own business where I have been blessed to be able to spend more time with our three children. Through this journey I've grown closer to God and couldn't be more thrilled about the blessings ahead of us. We are unapologetically Christian and strive to live our lives and operate our business by tried-and-true, timeless biblical principles. Keep an eye out for the fun and witty biblical references stashed in our product lines.

Most importantly, we believe that blessings are intended to go THROUGH us, not TO us. While our immediate goal is to provide you with the highest quality, hand-made products possible, our ultimate desire is to be a blessing to all of our customers, our community, and our church. We humbly welcome feedback and/or ideas for our website or product lines that will help us to better fulfill our goal. We're honored to have you as a customer.

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13